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The password is the first word of text on the card included with your Vectra Line.

3 Levels of Strength and Visibility

Vectra Virtuoso

Expert Grade

Go beyond invisible with this incredibly fine fiber. Delicate and virtually impossible to see under any conditions.

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Vectra Line

Super Strong

The original super strong invisible thread. Legendary strength vs invisibility ratio makes it a favorite of beginners and professionals alike.

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Vectra X2

Stage Edition

Two times the strength of the original Vectra Super Strong thread and still suprisingly invisible! Incredibly useful and easy to work with.

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I have used IT since the early 70's, and the VECTRA is definitely far and away the best IT ever! Thanks Steve for bringing to market!

Chris R

Absolutely the best IT on the market, bar none. The ONLY thread I use, period!

Chris D

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